TRÍADE´s team provides consulting in the business and tax sectors with modern and efficient methods.


Economic and Financial Planning

A projection of revenues and expenses that aims to indicate the general economic situation. From financial planning, it is possible to define how much money is available and thus direct its use. The growing complexity of economic relations, which characterizes rapidly developing societies, requires managers to be more adept to the driving economic effort across all sectors and levels. The use of strategic and operational indicators through the installation of control panels assists the administrator in his tasks.

Cost Reduction

Identify the cost gaps, prioritize it and attack it with specific goals and action plans. Identify and disseminate best practices and effective control of costs involved in production processes.

Low cost is a big advantage in almost every industry. Low-cost leaders can invest more in Research & Development and Marketing, for example, and still maintain good profit margins, as they have the resources to invest faster and more easily when new opportunities emerge.

Tax Planning

The Tax Planning aims to reduce a tax burden by using a prior study according to each business activity. The reduction of costs and a constant need for companies that wish to maintain conditions of high competitiveness.

Tax Recovery

Recovering taxes from a company is not an easy task even more in Brazil with the amount of standards, having the advice of a tax recovery company is of extreme importance.

Criteria established in Brazilian tax law allow the recovery of some taxes collected by corporations.

The high tax burden and the complexity of Brazilian´s legislation are one of the major challenges faced by national companies. Despite this, the concept of tax recovery provided in our legislation offers possibilities to benefit the company in the collection of taxes, obeying the established criteria. From tax recovery, organizations can save money with future contributions and recovery of improperly paid taxes.

Transfer Pricing

Review in the preparation of calculations for transfer pricing adjustments, in order to fully comply with current tax regulations.

Account and Tax Review

Tríade recommends that all managers conduct tax and accounting reviews of their business transactions over the last 5 years in order to avoid future problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

Business Budget

From the strategic planning of the company, we implement a budget system allowing the physical and financial monitoring of results by business activity.

System and Costs Assessment 

Review of the criteria adopted for evaluation of the company´s costs and aid in the implementation of systems of managerial costs.

Acessory Obligations Audit

Audit of electronic tax information provided by companies, with verification of possible errors, omissions or inconsistencies, as well as the mapping of the accessory fiscal obligations and main ones for any states and municipalities.


TRÍADE assists managers in the implementation of control areas, whose purpose is to exercise financial, budgetary, operational and equity control of the companies, in addition to monitoring the management accounting information.