TRÍADE conducts audits using careful and proven methods to ascertain the results of activities carried out by your company.


Balance Sheet Audit

The purpose of balance sheet audits is to issue a report that the auditor has evaluated the most significant items in Accounting. In this work, we perform the analysis and review of the financial statements of the company, in order to ascertain its compliance with the accounting principles and their relevance in relation to the equity position and the operations of the entity.

Financial Statement

Through a set of technical procedures, we promote the review of financial statements, based on international auditing standards. The work consists in studies, application of procedures, systemic valuations of transactions and verification of the records in order to serve as a basis to form an opinion about the reliability of the Financial Statements and the related explanatory notes.

Financial Auditing

It can have different objectives, such as evaluation of the quality of the information generated by the financial area, adequacy of internal controls that favor the safeguarding of assets, examination of the records and financial operations carried out. Developed by highly experienced professionals with technical qualifications to assist the company’s managers.

Operational Auditing

Review of the processes and internal controls of your company in the areas that managers feel need. The result is improved efficiency and compliance with established internal standards.

Internal Audit

Outsourcing the internal audit departments, contributing to the reduction of the costs of these activities. Performed independently and seek to generate values ​​and promote the improvement in the operations of an organization. Always related as a function of advising management and managers in order to achieve corporate goals.

Due Diligence

Identify the important aspects of improvement and attention before you close deals. Audit work with specific purposes to support decisions to buy companies. The accounting, financial, labor and tax aspects verified in order to identify adjustments that are relevant to the negotiations.

Tax Audit

Our extended knowledge of tax legislation allows a complete analysis of the company’s operational flow, allowing a maximization of its financial resources within the legislations on the two legal and accounting aspects.

Accounting Audit

Reviews in accounting reports using auditing techniques for the financial statements. In addition to ensure the quality of the accounting information, these works can contribute to the prevention of fraud and errors and attached with reports on the real economic situation of the organization with safe and transparent data about its business.

Payable Taxes Audit

Evaluation of the corporate and tax structure of the company and suggestion of changes that will minimize the tax burden and operational costs, always focusing on full compliance with legislation.

Costs Audit

Analysis for the correction of errors related to the company’s production process, including the formation of its sales prices and profitability of its products. A vital process for the performance improvement and its management.