• Accounting Department

  • Tax Department

  • Personnel Department

  • Asset Control

  • Accounting Reprocessing

  • Accounting Conciliation

Do your general accounting with the TRIADE.

Services that prioritize information agility and security. General accounting services involve the development of chart of accounts, bookkeeping of accounting, tax and corporate books with issuance of balance sheets and accounting statements for companies operating in various sectors of the economy.

Payroll and Legal Obligations to a specialist.

Hire a team to take care of the execution of the processes of payroll elaboration. With a qualified team we offer cost reduction for your company and safety regarding compliance with all existing legal obligations.


Focus on your business and leave the bureaucracy with the TRÍADE. With a team of experienced and competent professionals, we will take care of the administrative and financial sectors of your company. With TRÍADE, you outsource and stay calm.