Established in April 1989 by professionals with a solid career in national and international companies, TRÍADE provides services such as auditing, consulting and accounting.

The name was chosen for synthesizing important values ​​for the partners, whose pillars are based on credibility, competence and ethical conduct.



Our vision is to have personalized service as a differential, consisting of the direct involvement of the directors and managers, providing credibility and adding value to your company.

At TRÍADE, people are our most valuable asset and the continuous training of our professionals is key to success in serving our clients and highlighting our company in all areas of activity.



TRÍADE’s mission is to add value to your company, becoming a genuine Brazilian business partner and collaborating closely for its growth with competence in all services provided.

TRÍADE also offers innovative solutions with focus and excellence, maintaining a close relationship with all our clients and creating a trust bond based on ethical conduct, credibility and partnership.

Our commitment is to create a solid partnership with the client, personalizing the service provided and highlighting in the areas of performance, maintaining the ethical conduct, commitment and credibility of an originally Brazilian company.

In addition, TRÍADE is committed to social responsibility in order to keep operating through sustainable means that do not harm the environment. For this, sustainability actions used as recycling of all material used within the company, active means of energy reduction and actions to avoid waste of water and reuse.